Street Food: Gupta ji’s lassi is very special in Mahasamund, crazy from Kolkata to Bhubaneswar

Ramkumar Nayak

great sea, There is a lot of movement in the square of Singhanpur village situated on the National Highway, about 110 kilometers from the Mahasamund district headquarters of Chhattisgarh. There is Shubham Hotel on the square of this village. The story here is unique. Gupta ji’s lassi is very famous in Shubham Hotel. The coolness and taste of their lassi will cool your body and mind.

People say that whether it is winter or summer, there are no less lassi drinkers here. Actually it is not lassi, it is a kind of breakfast. So many ingredients are put in it that it compensates for the breakfast. The demand for Gupta ji’s lassi increases especially in the entire Mahasamund district in the summer season. There is seating arrangement in front of the shop. Apart from being an intersection, due to the excellent quality of lassi, there is a huge crowd of people here. As soon as you order special lassi here, it is served by adding cashews, raisins, cherries, coconut flakes, katri to the lassi made from thick and fresh curd.

No water or ice is added to this lassi. Lassi is prepared from pure curd and it is kept in the fridge to cool down. This special lassi of Gupta ji comes for Rs.30. The condition of selling lassi is that after a while big vehicles come and stop in front of the shop and the people sitting in it taste the lassi. Also, Lassi also carries parcels.

Shubham Hotel has been operating since the year 1975. But, for the last 10 years, the owner of the shop Rajendra Gupta is doing the work of making lassi here. Now the command of this shop is handled by his son Shubham Gupta. After drinking the lassi prepared by both the father and son, the customers go berserk. In Shubham Hotel, Gupta ji’s lassi starts getting every day from eight o’clock in the morning. It can be tasted till 9 pm.

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