Start delivery of the new fantastic 2021 Hayabusa, find out the price and features


Suzuki has started delivering the recently launched 2021 Hayabusa sports bike. The motorcycle is being taken to a dealership and will be delivered directly to the customer from there.

Let me tell you, Hayabusa a Sports bike Which has been launched in India for more than a decade. 2021 Hayabusa has been launched in India at a cost of Rs 16.40 lakh (ex-showroom).

Start delivery of the new fantastic
Start delivery of the new fantastic

Let me tell you that the 2021 Hayabusa is a third generation model that has been extensively updated and launched in the market with a new treatment. Hayabusa has been given a brand new design. In addition, the features provided in it have been updated a lot, so that the customers get a better ride experience. It is to be mentioned that now this motorcycle has been given six-axis IMU, traction control, anti-lift control, ride through wide throttle, launch control and many more great features.

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