Shame on humanity: mother's dead body kept on pyre for 9 hours, daughters kept fighting behind the ground, know the whole matter

Shame on humanity: mother's dead body kept on pyre for 9 hours, daughters kept fighting behind the ground, know the whole matter


After the death of the mother in Mathura, UP, there was a dispute between the daughters regarding the distribution of land. The mother's body was kept in the crematorium and the daughters continued to fight. The body could not be cremated until the matter was resolved. About 8 to 9 hours were wasted in all this. People are criticizing the daughters of the deceased regarding this incident. Let's know the whole matterโ€ฆ

Let us tell you that this case which shames humanity has come out from the crematorium at Masani in Mathura. Where after the death of 85-year-old woman Pushpa, a fight started between her three daughters over the right of land and the last rites of the woman could not be done for several hours.

The Pandits who had come to perform the last rites at the crematorium also returned from the ground. The drama of the daughters continued for several hours in the crematorium. Due to this, the people who went on the last journey and the family members of the deceased became disturbed. Later, when the seal was brought and the land was distributed in writing, the final rites could be completed.

The deceased has three daughters

It has been learned that the deceased Pushpa has no son. He has only three daughters. Their names are Mithilesh, Sunita and Shashi. For the past few days, Pushpa was staying at the house of elder daughter Mithilesh (village Yamunapar police station Luhavan). It is alleged that Mithilesh had persuaded his mother to sell about one and a half bighas of land.

Meanwhile, Pushpa died yesterday morning. In such a situation, Mithilesh's family took Pushpa's body to Moksha Dham in Masani for last rites. As soon as Pushpa's other two daughters Sunita and Shashi came to know about this, they also reached the crematorium. He blamed his elder sister and stopped his mother's funeral. Both the sisters started fighting with Mithlesh over the division of their mother's property.

A fight broke out between the daughters at the crematorium

Sunita and Shashi started demanding that the rest of their mother's property be transferred to their names only then they would allow the last rites to be performed. But Mithilesh did not agree to this. This fight of the sisters continued for a long time. On which the people working at the crematorium informed the police.

After which the police of Thana Sadar reached the spot but they also failed to convince the three sisters for a long time. Finally, at around 6 pm, a written agreement was reached between the three sisters, in which it was written that the remaining property of the deceased would be transferred to the names of Shashi and Sunita. Then the funeral took place. This entire incident took about 8 to 9 hours and the body was kept in the crematorium.


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