School bus full of children overturned due to brake failure

School Bus Accident near Nangal: Heartbreaking news has come out from Nangal in Ropar district. According to the information received, a bus full of children who came on a tour to see Bhakra Dam met with an accident.

It is to be mentioned that the children of Government Senior Secondary School of Rampura Phool came on the tour. During which a bus full of children overturned near Olinda village of Nangal. Currently, there is no news of any casualties. It has been reported that the brakes behind the bus platoon have failed.

A child tourist from Rampura Phool Bathinde was going to Bhakra Dam from Nangal when the bus overturned at a short distance from Bhakra and some of the children in the bus suffered minor injuries and were brought to the BBMB hospital for treatment.

About 50 children from Rampura Phul in Bathinde had come to see Bhakra. The bus broke down while turning near a bend at a short distance from Bhakra. collided with a small hill which prevented a major accident, although the children suffered injuries in this accident but none were serious and all the children were brought to BBMB hospital for treatment where the entire team of doctors treated them. Treated these children out of which it is being told that two or three children are infected and all the other children are fine.
In this regard, the Himachal Police came to speak and said that this tour had come from Bathinda to see Bhakra, there were more than 50 children on the bus and these children had come on this tour in a bus of a private company, whose Bhakra was some distance from Dam. It is being told that this accident happened while taking a turn at Hindu. It is being told that the accident happened due to the failure of the bus to brake. Now the next thing will be the subject of investigation as to how correct the statement made by the driver is.