Punjabi youth killed in Malaysia, 9 Punjabis arrested


A 23-year-old youth from Jagraon village Ghalib Khurd has been killed in Malaysia. The deceased has been identified as Jaspreet Singh. It is being told that uncle Jagdev Singh, who invited the deceased abroad, has carried out this incident along with 10 people including a Malaysian. Although the killer was not his uncle, but because he belonged to the same village, all his brothers and sisters, including the deceased, called him uncle.

According to the information received, Jaspreet Singh had gone abroad for livelihood a year and a half ago. The deceased's brother said that Jagdev Singh had gone to Malaysia with his brother ten years ago. He went to Malaysia and invited Jaspreet. After which he killed Jaspreet in the greed of money. Jagdev Singh had all the hard work and labor earnings of Jaspreet Singh for one and a half years.

Let us tell you that on the night of December 1, Jagdev Singh killed Jaspreet Singh along with a Malaysian and 8 other Punjabi youths living with him. When this murder was revealed, the Malaysian police immediately took action and arrested Jagdev Singh and his 8 associates who were using tricks to pretend Jaspreet's murder was an accident. While one of the Malaysians is still reported to be at large.

The lamentation of the family is not seen as soon as this incident is known. The family of the deceased has demanded the Punjab government to bring Jaspreet's dead body to India.