Public: 990 recruitments are coming in Fire and Civil Protection

New recruitments to the Fire Brigade and the Ministry of Climate Crisis and Civil Protection are foreseen in the 2024 recruitment planning, presented by the Ministry of the Interior.

According to the allocation made public by the minister Niki Kerameos and the competent deputy minister, Vivi Charalambogianni, the Ministry of Climate Crisis and Civil Protection is to be strengthened with 990 new staff.

It should be noted that of the 16,521 recruitments, the lion’s share, i.e. 14,082 recruitments, are occupied by the ministries. A small number of positions will remain (2,439), which will be distributed to other public bodies, such as Decentralized Administrations, First and Second Grade Local Authorities, Independent Authorities, etc.

In particular, the following recruitments are expected:

-Particular emphasis is placed on Fire Academy officers (doubling the number of candidates)

– Utilization of 700 positions for specialized personnel in the Ministry of Climate Crisis and Civil Protection

-Recruitment in the Special Forestry Operations Units (EMODE), for helicopter operators, engineers, navigators), to meet the needs of agencies based in the affected areas

-Strengthening branches related to forest protection

Niki Kerameos, among others, announced that next year there will be a total of 16,521 permanent recruitments in the State, which are subject to the 1 to 1 rule, that is, one recruitment for every one departure.

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