Proud thing: Ludhiana’s daughter made the country proud, became the only student to participate in the England convention

The 16-year-old daughter of Ludhiana has illuminated the name of the country all over the world. Namya Joshi has become the only student in the country who will participate in the EdTech conference organized by BAT in January next year and will also address more than 30 thousand teachers from across the world.

Only teachers participate and address in this conference, R Namaya will be the first student to address this conference and tell the whole world about education in India. Namya also won the National Children’s Award in the year 2021. The Prime Minister gave her this award and called her the daughter of Punjab, but now Namya is going to be the daughter of the whole world.

Namya created learning games using Minecraft at the age of 5. So far she has won many honors. 16-year-old Namya Satpal is a class eleven student of Mittal School, Ludhiana. Only 16-year-old Namya Joshi has won the title of India’s top tech-savvy student. Not only this, he has also made his place in the top 50 of the Global Student Awards. He started getting respect from the age of 5, which continues till now.

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