Power cut, treatment stopped… If this happens, after 48 hours dead bodies will be scattered in Gaza

Power cut, treatment stopped... if this happens, after 48 hours dead bodies will be scattered in Gaza

Image Credit source: tv9 Hindi

Today marks 18 days since the Israel-Hamas war. In these 18 days, a part of the world has come to the verge of extinction. This part is called Gaza, which is dying every day. According to Al Jazeera’s report, only 48 hours of fuel is left in Gaza’s hospitals. After 48 hours, the generators in Gaza’s hospitals will shut down. This would mean that there would be no electricity and no treatment.

Most of the hospitals have been destroyed in the ongoing air attack of the Israeli army on Gaza. Hamas claimed that on Tuesday, Israeli Air Force planes bombed Al-Amal Hospital in Gaza’s Khan Younis area, killing more than 500 people and injuring more than 250. If all these injured and innocent children are not treated, they will die soon.

Being treated under mobile light

An Indonesian hospital in the Beit Lahiya neighborhood of northern Gaza, plunged into darkness, has no electricity. Amid the equipment and facilities left in the dark, doctors are somehow treating people. The injured are being treated with the help of portable lights or mobile phones. The number of injured has become so high that the injured are being treated on the ground. A large number of hospitals have been destroyed in Israeli bombing.

Two-thirds of the hospitals have come to a complete standstill

The information that came out from WHO has shocked the whole world. The organization has reported that two-thirds of Gaza’s hospitals have stopped working during the Israeli attack. 46 hospitals out of 72 health facilities have stopped functioning since the Israeli army operation. Along with this, 12 hospitals out of 35 hospitals have been completely closed. According to Palestinian health officials, fuel has almost run out due to Israel’s siege.

182 children died in Gaza in 24 hours

More than 5 thousand Palestinians have lost their lives in the 18-day war. They include more than 2 thousand children. It has been claimed that 182 children have died in just 24 hours. Apart from this, more than 35 United Nations personnel have been killed in this war since October 7. But these problems do not end there, as the people of Gaza are facing a serious crisis of food and drinking water.