Pooja Bhatt broke her silence on kissing her father Mahesh Bhatt after years

Pooja Bhatt Mahesh Bhatt Kiss Controversy: Many years ago, as soon as a photo of Pooja Bhatt and Mahesh Bhatt was published in a magazine, there was an uproar. Mahesh Bhatt was seen kissing his daughter Pooja Bhatt on the cover page of the magazine. At that time Pooja was seen avoiding to say anything. But after years, Pooja Bhatt has broken her silence about Mahesh Bhatt and her kissing photo.

Pooja Bhatt recently broke her silence about this photo taken in 1990 during an interview. When Pooja Bhatt was asked if she regretted kissing her father? On this, Pooja Bhatt said – ‘No, because I see it in a very simple way. I think sometimes what happens unfortunately is that a frozen moment can’t be misrepresented or misrepresented in your image.

This statement of Shah Rukh Khan was quoted
Referring to Shah Rukh Khan, Pooja Bhatt added – ‘Shahrukh told me when you have daughters, when your children are small, how many times it happens that they ask you, mommy and daddy, kiss me. It’s just things like that.

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