Polish Farmers Block Highway at German Border Crossing for 24h


Polish farmers took to the streets across Europe on Monday, February 26, from border crossings with Germany to the streets of Brussels and Madrid, demanding change in European Union regulations, particularly regarding the flow of low-cost food imports flooding into the country from Ukraine.

These farmers orchestrated a strategic blockade along the A2 highway, which began at 1:00 pm, effectively stopping traffic at the border crossing with Germany, SchengenVisaInfo.com reports.

The blockade began at 1:00 pm (1200 GMT). Both sides of the A2 motorway have been stopped.

Ewa Murmylo, a spokeswoman for local police, told AFP

The protest, however, ended after 24 hours, after more than 1,000 farmers with 500 tractors and 300 trucks and vans had blocked the ลšwiecko-Frankfurt (Oder) border crossing in both directions.

The authorities had feared that the protest would last for several weeks, but the same was shortened by the organizers of consideration for the freight forwarders.

Farmers Warn of More Border Blocades

The farmers have also blocked crossing points at Polandโ€™s border with Ukraine border to raise awareness of what they say is unfair competition from the latterโ€™s cheaper produce.

Whereas on March 1, Polish farmers are planning to block the checkpoint on the border with Lithuania.

The protest in Brussels had been confirmed by the city police, who came out with an announcement on the former Twitter, X, announcing that there would be a demonstration of farmers with tractors in Brussels on Monday.

There will be traffic problems throughout the territory of the Brussels Region. We recommend you use public transport.

Federal Police of Brussels

Morgan Ody, general coordinator of the farming organization La Via Campesina, has blamed the EU for not listening to their demands and thus causing protests.

Weโ€™re here again in Brussels today as farmers because the European Union is not listening to our demands. Our demands are for fair revenue.

Morgan Ody, general coordinator of the farming organization La Via Campesina

However, Several EU officials have warned the EU of the situation, calling for its de-escalation before it becomes alarming. Through a post on X yesterday, Belgian Interior Minister Annelies Verlinden emphasized the need for mutual respect between farmersโ€™ demonstrations in Brussels. Verlinden further said that as farmers demand their rights and voice their grievances, they must show the same courtesy and respect to the law enforcement officers overseeing the demonstrations.

Brussels has often faced such protests in the recent weeks. Just this month, near an EU meeting site, police were confronted by a barrage of lit grass balsams, eggs, and fireworks thrown by protesters, underscoring the intensity of the complaints being voiced. With Europe-wide elections expected from June 6-9, officials are acutely aware of the importance of addressing the concerns expressed by farming communities.


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