PM Modi got emotional before shifting from the old parliament to the new parliament building

Monday is the last day of parliamentary proceedings in the old Parliament. From Tuesday i.e. September 19, the proceedings of the Parliament will be held in the New Parliament Building. PM Modi delivered his last 50-minute speech in the old building.

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister remembered the former Prime Ministers and said – This is the House where the echo of Pandit Nehru’s midnight stroke inspires us all. This house also witnessed the independence struggle of Bangladesh under the leadership of Indira Gandhi.

He said, ‘The House has also looked at the removal of Cash for Vote and 370. One nation one tax, GST, one rank one pension, 10 percent reservation for the poor was also given by this house.

The central government has called a special session of Parliament from September 18 to 22. The special session will have five meetings. Four bills will be presented during this time. On the other hand, the opposition parties have prepared a list of 9 issues to question the government. 24 parties of opposition alliance INDIA will participate in this session.

1. The child living on the platform reached the parliament
Recalling the memories of entering Parliament for the first time, the PM said – When I entered this building for the first time as a Parliamentarian, I instinctively bowed my head at the threshold of the Parliament building. After bowing down to this temple of democracy, I stepped inside. I cannot imagine, but such is the strength of Indian democracy that a child living on a railway platform reaches Parliament. I never thought that the country would respect me so much.’

2. When a family leaves an old home, it takes many memories with it.
PM said- Saying goodbye to this house is a very emotional moment, when the family leaves the old house and goes to the new house, many memories shake it for a few moments. As we are leaving this house, our mind and brain are also filled with those feelings and many memories. Celebrations, excitement, bittersweet moments, quarrels are associated with these memories.

3. Remembered the former Prime Ministers of the country
From Pandit Nehru, Shastri to Atal, Manmohan Singh, there are many names who led this House. Gave guidelines to the country through the House. He has done hard work and efforts to give a new shape to the country. Today is an opportunity to glorify them all. Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, Lohia, Chandrasekhar, Advani, countless names who have contributed to enriching our House and enriching the discussions.

4. Who wouldn’t sing in praise of Nehruji?
Meanwhile, PM Modi also targeted the opposition party. He said – there were many things that deserved the praise of everyone in the House. But maybe politics came into him too. If Nehru ji is praised in this House, there will be no member who does not clap for it. Shastri ji raised the morale of the country’s soldiers during the 1965 war from this house. Indira Gandhi led Bangladesh’s freedom struggle from this house.

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