Petrol, diesel became cheaper, find out how much the prices have come down today


After a gap of one day, petrol and diesel prices have been reduced again today. Earlier on Sunday, oil marketing companies had reduced prices.

However, the price has come down by 80 paise four times in the past due to reduction in diesel prices. The point to note here is that petrol and diesel prices in India are on par with global crude oil prices. Depending Brent crude is at a four-month low in global markets.

Petrol diesel became cheaper
Petrol diesel became cheaper

Crude oil seems to be hovering between 66 66-68 a barrel. Despite this, oil companies are not reducing petrol and diesel prices. Petrol and diesel prices in Delhi today fell by just 15 paise. Petrol prices were cut on July 17, 2021, followed by a 35-day cut on Sunday.

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