Pakistan Ministers deny to return Luxury Cars despite dire Situation of Economy


The situation in Pakistan, which has been facing economic difficulties for the past few years, is getting worse. Because of this, the Government of Pakistan has taken several measures to reduce the expenditure. These include banning air travel and not using luxury cars. The Pakistani government has instructed all ministers and government offices to reduce expenditure by 15 percent. Despite this, the ministers of the government are not ready to return the luxury cars.

Dawn Newspaper Report claims that many ministers and senior officials in Pakistan are using SUVs and luxury cars despite the government’s austerity drive launched last month. It has been told that more than half of the cabinet ministers have not returned the luxury vehicles given by the government. Of the 30 luxury vehicles given to cabinet ministers, only 14 have been returned and the remaining 16 vehicles are still with the ministers. Senior judges are also unhappy with this policy of the government.

Reports suggest that the Cabinet Division was instructed to take back the luxury cars within three days. Apart from this, the use of security vehicles was also asked to stop. SUVs and luxury vehicles consume more fuel than other cars. Apart from this, the maintenance cost of these vehicles is also expensive. Because of this, the Government of Pakistan had directed to stop the use of such vehicles due to the economic crisis.

Automobile company earlier this month Honda had announced the closure of its plant in Pakistan. Honda Atlas Cars Pakistan, the company’s joint venture in Pakistan, has told that it has decided to keep the plant closed from March 9-31 due to a sharp fall in the currency value and higher taxes in the budget. The company had said that there was a major disruption in its supply chain and due to this it had to take this step. The company had said, “Due to the current economic situation in Pakistan, the government has taken stringent measures. These include letter of credit and ban on import of completely knocked down kits. This has caused major disruption in the company’s supply chain.”

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