Notification on three new criminal laws issued, effective from July 1


Notification on three new criminal laws issued, effective from July 1

Notifications have been issued regarding three new criminal laws. After the changes in the criminal laws of the country, preparations are underway to implement them. Three new criminal laws will come into effect in the country from July 1. As the new law comes into effect, the language of our decades-long conversation about criminal law clauses will have to change.

Now there is much discussion of IPC 420 but section 316 will be imposed on cheaters. Similarly, Section 302 imposed against the accused of murder will no longer apply. This information has been given by Chetan Sehgal, an advocate practicing in the Punjab and Haryana High Court.

He said that in fact the Government of India has amended the Indian Penal Code i.e. IPC, Indian Evidence Act and Criminal Procedure Code or CRPC, which are effectively running in the country, with new laws. A bill has been introduced in Parliament to replace – Indian Criminal. Code, the Indian Civil Defense Code and the Indian Evidence Code Act have been passed. Now these laws have become. The Home Ministry has announced that this law will come into effect across the country from July 1.

Chetan Sehgal said that comprehensive changes will be made in the criminal laws of the country after the approval of the three new criminal laws.

20 new offenses have been added to the Indian Penal Code. While 19 old sections of IPC have been removed. Jail sentence has been increased in 33 offences. Penalty has been increased in 83 offences. 23 offenses provide for mandatory minimum sentences. 6 offenses have provision for community service.

Indian Penal Code: Types of Offenses and What is the Punishment? This decision IPC Now it will be called Indian Judicial Code. IPC had 511 sections while BNS will have 358 sections. 21 new offenses have been added, imprisonment has been extended in 41 offences, punishment has been increased in 82 offences, mandatory minimum sentences have been introduced in 25 offences. 6 offenses shall be punishable with community service and 19 sections have been abolished.

Indian Civil Defense Code: The procedure for the arrest, investigation and trial of an offender or accused is spelled out in the CrPC. There were 484 sections in the CrPC. Now the Indian Civil Defense Code will have 531 sections. 177 clauses have been changed. 9 new sections have been added and 14 have been eliminated.

Indian Evidence Act: Now the case has been written and has to be proved in court? In such a case, how the facts of the case will be proved, how the statements will be recorded, all this is in the Indian Evidence Act. Earlier it had 167 sections. The Indian Evidence Code will have 170 sections. Changes have been made in 24 sections. Two new sections have been added. 6 streams are over.