Not good for the 'British' in Hyderabad, Virat Kohli will bat after visiting the Ram temple! | England team reached Hyderabad to play Test series Punjabi news


Old picture of Virat Kohli

England cricket team India has come to play in the tournament. After training on UAE soil, the England team reached Hyderabad on 21 January, where the first match of the Test series is scheduled to be played from 25 January. Hyderabad is the stronghold of Virat Kohli. In terms of runs, he Hyderabad There are heroes in He has shown the excellence of his bat against 4 teams in the Test so far. Now England can become the fifth team to fall victim to Virat's bat.

Before facing England in Test cricket for the first time in Hyderabad, Virat Kohli came to pay obeisance at the newly built Ram temple in Ayodhya. He had received a special invitation to attend here. After visiting the Ram temple, the audience will expect a strong batting performance from Virat Kohli in Hyderabad.

Virat Kohli will make 500 runs!

Now if Virat Kohli scores 500 runs in Hyderabad, just think what will be the condition of the England team? However, after reading this, the question must have come in your mind that how will Kohli score 500 runs? So let us tell you that his 500 runs are related to his overall Test runs in Hyderabad.

In fact, Virat Kohli has scored 379 runs by scoring 1 century at an average of 75.80 in the 4 Test matches played so far in Hyderabad. With this figure, he is second only to Pujara among the batsmen who scored the most Test runs in Hyderabad. And just 121 runs away from the magical figure of 500 runs.

Now, the way Virat Kohli has made his previous record in Hyderabad, he can score at least 121 runs, if not a century, in the 2 innings of the Test against England starting from January 25.

Test record against England

Virat Kohli might not have played a Test match against England in Hyderabad. However, so far he has faced England in 13 matches on Indian grounds, in which he has scored 1015 runs at an average of 56.38 with the help of 3 centuries. It means not only Hyderabad, Virat Kohli's record against England on Indian grounds is also strong. Now this is good news for Team India but if Virat continues in this form then England is bound to be in trouble.