Mustard, soybean, CPO, cotton oil fall to Rs 8,700 per quintal


In Saloni, Agra and Kota in Rajasthan, the price of mustard rose from Rs 8,600 to Rs 8,700 per quintal due to increased demand.

At the same time, Delhi’s oilseeds market is declining in overseas markets. Monday between trends Soybean oil-seeds, cotton seeds and crude palm oil (CPO) and palm oil declined. At the same time, increased demand for mustard oil and oilseeds improved. However, in Indore’s edible oil market, the price of refined soybean fell by Rs 5 per 10 kg on Monday as compared to Saturday. Today, palm oil is cheaper by Rs 5 per 10 kg.

Mustard soybean CPO
Mustard soybean CPO

Traders said the Chicago exchange was down one per cent, while the Malaysian currency was down 1.8 per cent. About 1.5 lakh sacks of mustard arrived in different markets of the country on Saturday, which was reduced to 85,000 sacks on Monday.

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