Mohali: The bank manager cheated people of crores of rupees, got caught by the police


Bank manager Gaurav Sharma, who transferred crores of rupees from people's accounts to the accounts of his family and acquaintances in the branch of Axis Bank located in Bansepur village of Mohali district, has been arrested by the police from the Nepal border. The police have brought the accused manager Gaurav Sharma to Mohali. He will be produced in court today and his remand will be sought.

On the other hand, Punjab government minister Anmol Gagan Mann visited the bank branch on Saturday. He assured the people present that soon everyone will get their money back. The minister has told the people that the government is with them. The bank will have to return people's money.

The police investigation revealed that the accused bank manager kept a Nepali youth as his servant. He is also missing since that day. The police suspect that the accused escaped to Nepal with his servant. But still the police had sent the photo of the accused to Punjab as well as Haryana, Uttar Pradesh and Delhi police, so that if it is seen anywhere, it can be controlled. The police have not been able to arrest the slave yet.

The police had arrested the bank cashier in this case on the basis of suspicion. Because the accused cheated crores of rupees by taking the login of cashier Saket. During the interrogation, the police came to know that the accused bank manager was fond of drinking expensive liquor. Earlier he had kept the car for himself.

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However, some time ago he gave that car to his Nepali servant and bought himself a new black Safari car, which has been seized by the police from his flat.

After registering the case, the police checked his flat. From there, the police found the accused's passport. This passport expired in November 2023. He had not renewed it since then. He had last gone to Thailand on this passport, which made the police more likely to flee to Nepal.

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