Maruti Suzuki’s announcement that these cars will no longer be manufactured due to strict regulations


Maruti Suzuki’s new diesel car will soon be discontinued. The company has ruled out a return to diesel cars. A senior company official said a new round of emissions standards would begin in 2023, which would increase costs and reduce the cost of diesel vehicles to consumers.

Maruti Suzuki will no
Maruti Suzuki will no

Maruti Suzuki says it is now focusing on increasing the mileage of petrol cars. Customers have also been shifting to petrol cars in recent times. According to industry estimates, the share of diesel vehicles in the current total passenger vehicle sales is less than 17 per cent, which is a sharp decline compared to 2013-14, when the share of diesel cars in total sales was 60 per cent.

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Maruti Suzuki was the Chief Technical Officer of India. Also. “We are not going into the diesel category. We had earlier indicated that we would study it and if there is a demand from the customers then we can return but we are not going back to that,” Raman said. He further said that further strict drainage rules are going to be enforced. This is one of the main reasons why the company wants to avoid diesel cars. The company said that due to rising costs, sales of diesel cars in the market are likely to decline.

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