Ludhiana court sentenced 13 police accused of bribery to 5 years imprisonment each. Bribery 13 policemen 5-5 years in prison Know full details in Punjabi Punjabi news

Punjab News The court has sentenced 13 policemen of Ludhiana district to 5 years each. Police personnel (Police personnel) He was accused of taking bribe. In the year 2003, the complainant late Bittu Chawla and Subhash Kaiti filed a case against the accused. All the accused were posted in police station division number 6 at that time. Additional Sessions Judge Dr. Ajit Attri pronounced this decision after hearing the arguments of both the parties However, the accused claimed to be innocent.

Complainant Subhash Kaiti said that he has lodged an FIR against 14 policemen in the case of bribery. Meanwhile, the police had also registered a false case against him. Each policeman was accused of accepting a bribe of 4 to 5 thousand rupees. Even his in court Videography (Videography) Also presented After this, the court has sentenced the accused.

Used to take bribe to run lottery

Subhash Kaiti said that in the year 2003, he and his friend Bittu Chawla the lottery (Lottery) used to work The policemen used to harass him daily. They used to take money from them. Due to this, he installed CCTV cameras in the shops. When the policemen took the money from them, it was recorded on video. Every policeman used to take a bribe ranging from 500 rupees to 4 thousand rupees.

The police officer tampered with the CCTV

Subhash Kaiti said that he is an AIG rank officer. When that officer was informed about this complaint, on the contrary, he was named as an accused in the case. He is an AIG. The level officer turned hostile in the court. Subhash alleged that the current STF in-charge Harbans Singh has also tampered with the CCTV recording. Today, after 20 years, they have got justice.

Police pressure took Chawla’s life

Subhash said that due to the coercion of his friend Bittu Chawla, there are about 33 cases registered against him. His friend also died due to his stress. Policemen are taking bribe from his shop every day to run lottery.

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