Kia’s fantastic SUV is coming to customers extremely like, know the price


Passenger vehicle maker Kia India has become the fastest growing brand in the domestic automotive market with over 3 lakh vehicles sold.

The company first set a sales record of one lakh cars in July 2020, followed by a record one lakh cars in January 2021, and a third in August 2021. Record of sale Was created. In particular, Kia India sold the first one lakh units in a year and the next two lakh units at the same time.

Kia fantastic SUV is coming
Kia fantastic SUV is coming

This proves that the company’s cars are very popular. “Kia India’s flagship product, Celtos, is the largest buyer with a 66 per cent stake, while sales of the Sonnet have increased by 32 per cent,” the company said in a statement. The company has also sold 7,310 units of its premium MPV Kia Carnival. In addition, the brand aims to expand its reach from the current 300 to 360 touchpoints, covering 90 per cent of the Indian market, including Tier III, IV city and suburban markets.

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