Kapil’s 3-year-old daughter Anaira was seen walking the ramp


Kapil Sharma: Comedians Kapil Sharma and Bharti Singh are often in the limelight. Sometimes because of myself and sometimes because of my children. This happened once again, when both were seen together. That too with beautiful children. On the night of May 14, both of them had reached an event with their daughter and son. Here they walked the ramp and that video went viral. The clip of them walking the ramp with their children went viral on social media, on which people expressed their love.

In fact, Bharti Singh reached the stage with her son Gole and Kapil Sharma’s daughter Anaira. Both of them walked the ramp. First of all, Kapil comes holding hands with his 3-year-old daughter. Both were wearing black clothes. The father-daughter duo looked very cute. Kapil was cheering the audience and he was asking his daughter to do the same. Not only this, the comedian also asked the daughter to give a flying kiss and she did it in a very cute way, which made everyone go crazy.

After watching the video, people commented. One wrote – She looks like Abdu Rozic’s younger sister. One said – She looks like a female version of Abdu. One wrote – She looks exactly like Ginny. One said – it is an exact copy of his mother Ginny. Along with this, some people described Anaira as their grandmother. One wrote – baby girl looks so innocent and cute and her smile.. not because she is kapil’s daughter but baby girl is really cute.

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