Justin Trudeau held a conference on auto theft in Ottawa Punjabi Akhbaar


Ottawa (Punjabi Newspaper Bureau) Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has held a conference on auto theft in Ottawa, concerned about the increasing number of car thefts this month. He told the conference that organized crime networks are operating without any fear. The international market for stolen cars is booming. The conference was called to reassure the people that the government has taken notice of the problem. He said the government has imposed stiff penalties on vehicle thieves, increased the deployment of border agencies and banned the import of key hacking tools. The police budget has been increased for better surveillance equipment.
Last year there was a 22 per cent increase in car thefts across Canada. Car thefts in Toronto have increased by 150 percent in the last six years. Social media groups have been created to share information about stolen cars. Thieves did not spare even the government. Toyota Highlander cars of former and current law ministers have been stolen thrice in the capital city of Ottawa. Conservative Party leader Pierre Poilever has criticized the government several times on this issue. He alleged that the government is lax in granting bail and sentencing to the accused of theft. He urged the Trudeau government to tighten the bail rules.

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