IRCTC: Great news! Indian Railways has made a big change from today, now travel without reservation


Indian Railways: If you are also planning to travel by train in the new year, then there is big news for you. Railways has given a big relief to the passengers traveling from today. Now you can travel in train without reservation. Yes, Railways is now giving passengers a chance to travel without reservation.

Can travel on unreserved ticket
Let us tell you that you can travel on an unreserved ticket in general coaches. After the Corona epidemic, once again the railways is slowly starting to give old facilities to the passengers.

Big change from 1st January
Railways has given this special facility to the passengers from today i.e. from January 1, 2022. Railways is giving a chance to travel through unreserved tickets on 20 general coaches. From the new year ie from today you can take advantage of this facility. So before making your reservation once, you must check the train number in which trains you are getting this facility.

Now you will get a chance to travel without reservation in general coaches.
1. Train No- 12531
Route – Gorakhpur – Lucknow
Coaches – D12- D15 & DL1

2. Train No- 12532
Route – Lucknow – Gorakhpur
Coach – D12-D15 & DL1

3. Train No- 15007
Route – Varanasi City – Lucknow
Coach – D8-D9

4. Train No- 15008
Route – Lucknow – Varanasi City
Coach – D8-D9

5. Train No- 15009
Route – Gorakhpur – Mailani
Coaches – D6-D7 DL1 & DA2

6. Train No- 15010
Route – Mailani – Gorakhpur
Coach – D6-D7 DL1 & DL 2

7. Train No- 15043
Route- Lucknow-Kathgodam
Coaches – D5-D6 DL1 & DL2

8. Train No.- 15044
Route – Kathgodam – Lucknow
Coach – D5-D6 DL1 & DL 2

9. Train No.-15053
Route – Chhapra – Lucknow
Coach – D7-D8

10. Train No.- 15054
Route – Lucknow – Chhapra
Coach – D7-D8

11. Train No.- 15069
Route – Gorakhpur – Aishbagh
Coach – D12-D14 & DL1

12. Train No.-15070
Route: Aishbagh-Gorakhpur
Coaches: D12-D14 & DL1

13. Train No- 15084
Route – Farrukhabad – Chhapra
Coach – D7-D8

14. Train No.-15083
Route – Chhapra – Farrukhabad
Coach – D7-D8

15. Train No- 15103
Route: Gorakhpur-Banaras
Coach: D14-D15

16. Train No- 15104
Route – Banaras – Gorakhpur
Coach – D14-D15

17. Train No- 15105
Route – Chhapra – Nautanwa
Coach – D12-D13

18. Train No- 15106
Route – Nautanwa – Chhapra
Coach – D12-D13

19. Train No- 15113
Route – Gomti Nagar – Chhapra Kacheri
Coach – D8-D9

20. Train No- 15114
Route – Chhapra Kacheri – Gomti Nagar
Coach – D8-D9

Guidelines have to be followed
Let us tell you that during the Corona period, the railway department had stopped the facility of traveling without reservation in general coaches to curb the crowd, but now passengers will be able to travel again from January 1. The special thing is that the guidelines of Corona have to be followed during the journey. Following the railway safety rules, currently only 20 trains are providing this facility to the passengers.

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