In Qualifier 2, Delhi will face Kolkata today. Find out whose weight is heavier

The second qualifier for IPL 2021 will be played today between Rishabh Pant-led Delhi Capitals and Eoin Morgan-led Kolkata Knight Riders.

qualifier 2 dc vs kkr

The match will start at 7.30 pm in Sharjah. Both the teams will do their best to win this match to reach the final. In that case, the match is likely to be exciting. Delhi Capitals and Kolkata Knight Riders have met a total of 27 times in the history of the IPL. Meanwhile, Eoin Morgan’s team has won 15 matches. Delhi Capitals have won just 12 matches. Earlier, when the two teams faced each other, KKR had won.

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Although KKR had beaten Delhi in the second half, Delhi had won in the first half of IPL 2021. If the two teams are compared, KKR’s weight seems heavy. The Kolkata team is not dependent on one or two players, but it has a lot of match winners. At the same time, the Delhi team is heavily dependent on Shikhar Dhawan.

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