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Barabanki. Be it small children or elders, people of all ages are definitely fond of pizza. This Italian roti filled with cheese and vegetables is relished by everyone. If you also want to eat delicious pizza full of new taste, then you will find Sardarji’s famous pizza shop in Barabanki district adjacent to Lucknow, the capital of Uttar Pradesh. More than one delicious variety of pizzas available here will make everyone lick their fingers.

This famous pizza stall of Sardar ji is near Chhaya Chauraha in Barabanki city. Generally, you must have eaten one to one expensive pizza at hi-fi places like Domino’s and Pizza Hut. But, the one who once tasted the taste of Harmeet Singh alias Raje Sardar ji’s pizza, becomes crazy about it. Because Sardar ji puts pizza crust, vegetables, sauce and cheese in it as well as many indigenous things. After that they keep it in the electric oven for some time. Then make it crispy with your own trick.

Sardar ji’s baked pizza looks beautiful. Also, it looks even tastier to eat. Customers come and eat at Sardarji’s place. Along with this, they also have a lot of online orders. Almost all varieties of pizza are available here.

taste of sardar ji’s pizza

People are so crazy about Sardar ji’s pizza that they come here from far and wide. Customers say that generally pizzas from places like Domino’s and Pizza Hut are quite famous. But, the taste of Sardar ji’s pizza is much better than that. Because Sardar ji puts all the ingredients in his pizza very desi and fresh. Cleanliness is also taken care of here. Due to which it becomes very healthy and does not cause harm. The price of pizza available at Sardar ji’s place is also less. In such a situation, anyone can easily spend money and eat pizza here.

Fresh vegetables and spices

Stall owner Harmeet Singh alias Raje Sardar told that he puts very fresh vegetables and spices in his pizza. Always take care of customer’s test. Almost all varieties of pizza are available here. He told that he cuts vegetables immediately to make pizza. They don’t keep any stuff out. Also take special care of cleanliness.

He told that he makes pizza keeping in mind both rate and quality, so that he can make it available to the customers at affordable prices. Sardar ji told that customers come from far and wide to eat pizza at his place and eat it with gusto.

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