If not to marry, then what to do? When Karan Johar was asked this question by his mother karan johar statement on children's Punjabi news


Picture of film maker Karan Johar

Karan Johar is one of the few people in Bollywood who has become a father through surrogacy. Karan became a father to twins Yash and Roohi in 2017. Karan and his mother Hiru Johar take care of Yash and Ruhi. Now Karan has revealed how and when he decided to become a father through surrogacy.

Talking to 'The Week', Karan Johar said that when he was 40 years old, he told his mother that he wanted children. He said, โ€œWhen I was 40 years old, one day my mother asked me that if you don't want to get married, what do you plan for your life. I told him I really wanted children. He was happy to hear that but I needed time.

When the mother asked again?

Karan Johar added that his mother reminded him again after a year. I told them when the doctors told me that three months of pregnancy had been completed. He said, “It was expected that the children would be born in April but they were born in February only. I had to announce his birth on the flight to London because I knew many newspapers would carry the news. I was able to go to the hospital after about a month.

Are children being trolled?

Karan Johar is one of those actors of cinema who are trolled a lot. However, she explained that her children get a lot of love from the Internet. She said, “I have a habit of trolling but surprisingly my kids get a lot of love. Even now, when I share something about my children, there is not a single negative comment.โ€