Health insurance has to be renewed then remember these things, you will benefit


Health Insurance Tips: Since the Corona crisis, awareness about health insurance has increased among the people. People are now taking more and more health insurance. Like other policies, health insurance also has to be renewed after a certain time. Today we are going to tell you what things you should pay attention to while renewing health insurance.

Consider the sum insured
Renewal is the right time to re-evaluate your Sum Assured limit and its usefulness. You can choose to increase your Sum Assured limit at the time of renewal. Due to the increasing medical need, it may be that the sum assured chosen by you initially may be insufficient for the years to come. Therefore, while renewing the insurance, you should definitely think about whether you have to increase the limit of your sum insured.

top-up plan
If you need some additional cover in your health insurance, you can avail the top-up plan at the time of renewal. The cost of these plans is very low and they provide you some extra coverage in addition to the policy. Top-up plans can be purchased from any insurer. It is not necessary to buy it from an existing insurer.

new diseases
If you have taken health insurance for your family and if any member of the family gets a new disease, then definitely inform the insurance company during renewal. If you do not do this, later you may have to face trouble while filing the claim.

Renew insurance policy on time
If you do not renew your policy on time, the policy will lapse and the benefits received during the period of cover will not be available. Renewing the policy on time will force the insurer to accept your renewal application. If the policy lapses, the insurer may or may not renew the contract.

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