Gutka Sahib tore to take revenge from his mother! He did this work with a foot, then set it on fire!


Bureau report : In Jalandhar’s Noor Mahal, a son did a shameful act to take revenge from his mother. Amarpreet, a resident of village Hari Singh, insulted Gutka Sahib. After an argument with his mother, the only son tore the gutka sahib from which the mother was reciting and rolled it under her feet. Then after that he set fire. Son Amarpreet also made a video of it regularly and sent it to his mother.

As soon as the video went viral, the villagers caught Amarpreet and handed her over to Noor Mahal police. People say that when they tried to control the accused late at night, he threatened to kill him.
There is deep anger among the people after this incident of disrespect. People used to say that disrespecting Gutka Sahib in a mutual fight is not wise.

The arrested accused Amarpreet was also giving a message to his mother by making a video while insulting Gutka Sahib. Disrespectfully, he said, “This is your Gutka Sahib, which you read every day, see how I am tearing it and putting it down.”

‘Firecrackers, La Le Jour’

Manpreet was throwing his mother’s bag, religious scriptures, clothes in the street saying that he has thrown your belongings. I am setting it on fire. If you want to go to the police station then go, I am not afraid of anyone. After this, he sets fire to his mother’s belongings lying in the street. Then he sings the song that firecrackers, firecrackers have fallen.

The police arrested the accused

DSP Sukhpal Singh said that he had received the notification of the incident. A person named Amarpreet has insulted Gutka Sahib and sent the video to the mother. Our team reached the spot and arrested the accused. In the inquiry, it has been revealed that there was a dispute with the mother over something. That is why the accused has taken this step. A case under section 295 has been registered against the accused in the case of inciting religious sentiments. The police said that the mobile phone with which the accused made the video has also been taken into possession.

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