Great news for the new year! Gas cylinder becomes cheaper by Rs 102, check latest rates quickly


Gas Cylinder Price Delhi: On the first day of the new year 2022, the general public has got a big relief. The country’s government oil company has cut the prices of gas cylinders by a full Rs 102.50. Now to buy gas in the month of January, you will have to spend less money than before. Let’s check what are the latest cylinder rates (gas cylinder kitne ka hai) in your city-

Commercial cylinder prices cut
Let us tell you that today the prices of commercial gas cylinders have been cut. The prices of domestic gas cylinders remain the same. None of these have changed. This reduction has been made in the price of LPG gas cylinder of 19 kg. The new prices of gas cylinders have been implemented from today i.e. from January 1, 2022.

Commercial gas cylinder price as on 1st January 2022

  • Delhi – Rs 1998.50
  • Kolkata – Rs 2076
  • Mumbai – Rs 1948.50
  • Chennai – Rs 2131

Commercial gas cylinder price on 1 December 2021

  • Delhi – Rs 2101
  • Kolkata – Rs 2177
  • Mumbai – Rs 2051
  • Chennai – Rs 2234

Domestic Gas Cylinder Price (LPG Price on 1 January 2022)
There has been no change in the prices of domestic gas cylinders. The cost of 14.2 kg non-subsidized gas cylinder in Delhi is Rs 899.50, in Kolkata Rs 926, in Mumbai Rs 899.5 and in Chennai Rs 915.5. Let us tell you that its price was increased on 6 October, after that there has been no increase in domestic gas prices in the month of November.

Check latest rates from official website
If you want to check the latest rates of gas cylinders in your city, then you can check the official website of the government oil company. You can also check the latest rates by clicking on this link Let us tell you that new rates of gas cylinders are issued on the first of every month.

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