Grammy Awards 2023 | Iranian singer wins Grammy for his protest song


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Dubai : Iranian singer Shervin Hajipour won the Special Merit Grammy Award in the category ‘New Song for Social Change’ on Sunday night for his song ‘Brai’. Grammy Award). Hajipur’s song ‘Baraye’ is being used extensively in Iran during protests over the death of a woman in police custody. Hajipur is facing the threat of going to jail for this song.

America’s First Lady Jill Biden announced on Sunday night that Hajipur’s song ‘Baraye’ has won a ‘Special Merit Grammy Award’ in the ‘New Song for Social Change’ category. In a video circulating on social media, Hajipur is seen sitting in a dark room wiping his tears after the award was announced. ‘Baraya’ means ‘for’. The opening lyrics of this song are โ€“ โ€œFor dancing and dancing on the streets. For the fear we feel while kissing.” The song ends with the slogan “For women, life and freedom” being used extensively in the protests since September over the death of Mahsa Amini in custody.

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Hajipur (25) released the song ‘Baraye’ on his Instagram page, which went viral in no time. Subsequently, the Iranian police arrested him and kept him in custody for several days. Hajipur was released on bail in October last year. The organization ‘Human Rights Activists in Iran’, which monitors the protests in Iran for months, said that Hajipur has been accused of ‘spreading propaganda against the regime’ and ‘inciting violence’. He has also been banned from leaving Iran.

At the Grammy Awards ceremony held in Los Angeles, Jill Biden praised ‘Baraye’, saying, โ€œA song can unite, inspire and ultimately change the world. It has become a protest song in the Mehsa Amini case. In this, in a very powerful and poetic way, there has been a demand to give women their rights and freedom.

After this comment by Jill Biden, the entire venue resonated with thunderous applause. Whereas, Hajipur wrote on Instagram, “We won.” There is currently no reaction from Iran’s state media or government officials on Hajipur’s victory. According to ‘Human Rights Activists in Iran’, more than 19,600 people have been arrested during the ongoing protests in Iran over the death of Mahsa Amini in custody. According to the organization, at least 527 people have been killed during the authorities’ attempts to crush the protests. (agency)


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