Google Maps divorced! Cheating wife exposed…


Today is the time of technology. People have created many such technologies, thanks to which their life has become easier. Earlier, if someone had to go somewhere, the situation would get worse while trying to understand and explain. But now it has become quite easy. You can share your live location. By following the given route, you can easily reach the address where you want to go. This is made possible by Google Maps.

Today, Google has made a huge impact on human life. If you need any information, Google will give you all the information instantly. For accurate information, Google has installed various filters, through which fake news can be filtered. The function of Google Maps is to guide people to any place in the world. This makes it easier for people to visit unknown places. But this map made a woman a divorcee. Let us tell you how?

This case of divorce due to Google Maps dates back to 2013. A woman living in Peru got divorced because of Google Maps. The woman was having an affair with a stranger for a long time. The husband was unaware of this. One day the woman’s husband was looking at the map to go somewhere. Then he saw a woman on the path, who was dressed like his wife, clinging to a man. When he zoomed in it turned out to be his wife. This picture was taken by the Google camera car.

Based on this picture, the husband questioned the wife. When the husband showed her the photo, the wife accepted that it was him. She told her husband that she was having an affair and that he was her lover. After knowing this, the man divorced his wife. The pictures of this case of 2013 have been shared on the social media site Facebook recently. People are surprised to see this. So far this post has received thousands of impressions. People wrote that cheating is easy. But no matter how hard one tries, one cannot hide the deception for long. He becomes manifest.

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