Google buys Israeli security startup to tackle cyber attacks


Amidst the growing threats to cyber security, Google has bought a cyber security startup. Alphabet-owned Google said on Tuesday that the company’s cloud division has acquired Israeli cyber security startup ‘Simplify’. The company has expanded its security amid increasing cyber attacks. Simplify is a startup led by Amos Stern. Financial details of the deal have not been disclosed, but a source close to the matter told Reuters that Google paid about $500 million (Rs 3,730 crore) in cash to Simplify.

Google has fulfilled this deal after the promise made to the US President amid increasing cases of cyber attacks and data breaches. Last August, Google promised US President Joe Biden that the company would invest $10 billion (about Rs 74,520 crore) in cyber security over the next five years.

Israeli cyber security startup ‘Simplify’ provides security as well as automation and response solutions. It has raised $58 million (approximately Rs 430 crore) from its investors including G20 Ventures and 83North. The source said that Google Cloud has partnered with Simify considering its interests.

Since the start of the Kovid epidemic in the year 2020, companies have started work from home. With this, Google’s revenue in the cloud business has almost doubled to $5 billion (about Rs 37,260 crore). During this time the need to protect against cyber security threats has increased and corporates are also emphasizing on cyber security products.

Google has said that Simplify’s platform will be integrated into its cloud. This will serve as the basis for the capabilities that the company will invest in. This is Google’s first deal with an Israeli cyber security firm. This deal will help the company to take advantage of Israel’s talent in the field of cyber security. It is worth noting that Israel’s technology is at the forefront of the world in terms of cyber security. All countries want that in the matter of cyber security, they should also be like Israel. Every country is eager to make deals with Israeli companies.

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