Gold Smuggling: Once again, the person bringing gold by hiding it in a private part was arrested from Amritsar airport, worth 45.22 lakhs – Punjabi news | Amritsar custom department booked a person who tried to hide smuggled gold in private part known in Punjabi


Gold Smuggling: This is the fourth case of trying to bring gold from Amritsar Airport by hiding it in a private part. The customs department has been alerted about this kind of smuggling.

Amritsar News. People coming from abroad in India these days the gold are choosing a different way to bring These people are trying to bring gold hidden in their private parts. According to the Customs Department of Amritsar Airport, three such cases have been revealed so far. In the fourth case, another person who was trying to bring gold into the country was caught by the Comtam department on Wednesday.

At Sri Guru Ramdas International Airport in Amritsar, the customs department has arrested a smuggler who was bringing gold from Dubai by making a paste. This person is inferior in the eyes of the authorities private parts was trying to bring gold by hiding in

According to the information, this passenger had reached Amritsar Airport through the flight of Air India, where the customs department found out about his movement. When strictly interrogated, 3 capsules were recovered from him, which he had brought secretly in his private part when these capsules If converted into gold and weighed, their weight came out to be 751 grams, the price of which is being reported as 45.22 lakh rupees in the international market.

The Customs Department has initiated action against the person under the Customs Act 1962.

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