German Embassy Calls on Kenyan Graduates to Obtain Special Statement to Find Employment in Germany


The German Embassy in Kenyaโ€™s Nairobi has called on Kenyan graduates who are seeking employment in Germany to apply for a special statement online.

Through an official statement on its X social media account, the Embassy suggested that all interested graduates in Kenya who wish to find employment and move to Germany for work purposes apply for a Statement of Comparability online, reports.

The Statement of Compatability needs to be obtained as it helps German employers and authorities recognise the value of qualifications that Kenyan graduates have, thus facilitating their work immigration path to the country.

You have a university degree and want to work in Germany? To help German employers and authorities understand and recognise the value of your qualification, you can apply for a Statement of Comparability online.

German Embassy in Nairobi

The Statement of Comparability can be obtained by Kenyan graduates from the Central Office for Foreign Education (ZAB) website online.

Since the document is an official certificate issued by the ZAB, all those who obtain one can use it as proof of their qualifications with German government offices, embassies, and employers.

The Statement of Comparability opens doors for those who wish to enter Germany for work purposes as it compares the foreign university degree to a qualification in the German education system.

The information included in a Statement of Comparability helps understand a degree from a different education system and in a different language. Employers can recognise the value of your qualifications.

The Central Office for Foreign Education

Among many others, the Statement of Comparability includes the degree programme, the name of the university degree, and the university where the studies have been completed.

Moreover, the document shows how long the study programme lasted, the mode of the study, as well as the date and place of graduation.

Most importantly, the Statement of Comparability confirms that the university and the obtained degree are recognised and the holder is able to take up employment in Germany.

It confirms that the university and degree program were recognised. It names the corresponding education level in Germany, for example, that of a bachelorโ€™s or masterโ€™s degree.

The Central Office for Foreign Education

The Statements of Comparability are issued by the ZAB for foreigners holding degrees from all over the world in addition to Kenyans.

In 2022, the ZAB issued over 45,000 Statement of Comparability, evaluating university degrees from a total of 165 countries.

This year, the authority is expected to issue a high number of visas, facilitating the path to finding employment in Germany for highly educated foreigners.


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