Former South African cricketer and current head coach Mark Boucher has apologized to his teammates, find out what’s the matter


Former South African wicketkeeper-batsman and current head coach Mark Boucher has apologized for racist remarks made during his career. Boucher was accused of making racist remarks by several players, including Paul Adams, who were on the team at the time.

mark boucher apology
mark boucher apology

Boucher then submitted his 14-page affidavit to Cricket South Africa’s (CSA) Social Justice and Nation Building Committee (SJN). In the affidavit, Boucher apologized for being part of a group accused of singing racist songs and using names. Earlier, Adams had alleged before SJN that Mark Boucher was part of a group of players who made racist remarks about him in a song. In his affidavit to SJN, Boucher acknowledged that he and other members of the team should have behaved better in the matter.

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“I apologize for all the allegations against me regarding the racist remarks,” he said. Let me tell you that Boucher has played 147 Tests and 295 ODIs for South Africa. ” “During my playing days, when this was the case, the team, the coaching staff, the selectors and the CSA needed to be more sensitive. An environment should have been created during which any member of the team should have been involved,” Boucher said. The players were able to speak openly on these issues. ” At the same time, he said, “I have learned a lot with age. As a team player, I sincerely apologize to all my teammates. I am very sorry that I was part of the group that used racist songs and comments for the team players. ”

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