Farmers will block National Highway tomorrow at 3 places in Haryana and 2 places in Punjab. SKM NON Polticial Announcement National Highway Blocked Protest Against Arrest of Abhimanyu Kohar

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Farmer leaders meeting at Dharamshala in Sirsa

The arrest of Haryana’s farmer leader Abhimanyu Kohar has enraged farmers’ organizations. On Sunday evening, the emergency meeting of United Kisan Morcha (non-political) was held at Jat Dharamshala in Sirsa. In which it was decided that tomorrow in protest against this, national highways will be blocked at 3 places in Haryana and 2 places in Punjab.

Haryana-Punjab roads will be jammed at 12 o’clock
BKE President Lakhwinder Singh Aulakh said that on Saturday, January 28, Sonepat police had arrested many farmer colleagues including farmer leader Abhimanyu Kohar for the rally of Home Minister Amit Shah to be held in Sonipat. who have not yet been released. As a protest, tomorrow, January 30, at 12 o’clock, the farmers of Haryana and Punjab will block road in both the states.

Road jam at three places in Haryana
He told that road jams will be done at three places in Haryana at Dhar (Panipat), Mayyad toll Hansi, Bhavdin toll Sirsa. Whereas in Punjab, Bathinda Thermal Chowk and Harike Head Sri Amritsar Sahib Road will be jammed at two places. The program of road jam will continue till the release of farmer leaders.

Half-naked demonstration in Sirsa on Monday
Aulakh while giving a message to the farmers of Sirsa region about the semi-naked demonstration of the farmers to be held in Sirsa on Monday, said that the semi-naked and effigy-burning demonstration will be held at its scheduled time. Jagjit Singh Dallewal, Sukhjinder Singh Khosa, Indrajit Singh Kotbudha, Mangal Singh Sandhu, Jasveer Singh Jhamka, Kulwinder Singh, Ratol, Sohan Singh, Jarnail Singh Ratia, Gurdas Singh Lakdawali, Prakash Mamera, Jagveer Singh Chahal, English Singh Kotli, Pinda were present in the meeting. Kahlon was present.

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