Farha Khan arrived to pay obeisance at Sachkhand Sri Harimandar Sahib bollywood director choreographer farah khan prayer in sri harmandir sahib know full detail in punjabi Punjabi news


Punjab News Bollywood actor and film director Farha Khan arrived in Amritsar today to pay obeisance at Guru Ghar Sachkhand Sri Harmandir Sahib. On this occasion, she bowed down in the Guru Ghar and enjoyed Gurbani and prayed for the good of Sarbat.

He said that Buhat was touching his heart so I should come to this place and today I have come to Guru Ghar and bowed down and my mind has got a lot of peace. Farha Khan said that today I have got peace of mind by coming here. He said that my heart desires that I must come to this place once a year.