EU Will Keep Entry Ban for 233 Belarusians in Place Until February 2025


The Council of the European Union has decided to prolong the restrictive measures against 233 Belarusians and 37 entities until February 28, 2025.

The prolongation of the measures is linked to the internal repression in Belarus as well as to the regimeโ€™s support for Russiaโ€™s war against Ukraine, reports.

The decision was taken on the basis of the annual review of the restrictive measures and in view of the continuing repression and drastically deteriorating human rights situation in Belarus, and the ongoing involvement of the country in Russiaโ€™s illegal military aggression against Ukraine.

EU Council

The EU has enforced multiple consecutive sets of sanctions against Belarus since August 2020, targeting people and entities linked to internal repression and human rights violations and to the countryโ€™s participation in the war of Russia against Ukraine.

Through these actions, the EU is aiming to hold accountable everyone for supporting the regime and Russia, with the authority saying that everything โ€œcomes at a costโ€.

Individuals on Sanction List Are Prohibited From Entering EU

In line with the newly made decision, a total of 233 Belarusians, including the President of Belarus, Alexandr Lukashenka, will continue being banned from entering the EU for another year.

The listed individuals and 37 entities are also subject to an asset freeze, and the EU residents and entities are forbidden from making funds available to them.

In addition to prolonging the restrictions on individuals and entities, the EU also continues to target the countryโ€™s economic sector.

EU Continues to Show Full Support for Ukraine

While the EU has extended the restrictive measures against Belarus and has introduced another sanction package for Russia, it continues to show its full support for Ukraine.

Two years after the beginning of the Russian war in Ukraine, the EU Council stressed through an official statement on its X social media account that the EU and its Member States will support Ukraine

Two years ago, Russia began its war of aggression against Ukraine. The EU and its member states have stood with Ukrainians since day one and will keep supporting Ukraine for as long as it takes.

EU Council

The President of the EU Council, Charles Michel, also confirmed the EUโ€™s support for Ukraine. He said that the EU will continue its strong and unwavering support and help the country bring the war to an end.

The EU currently applies restrictive measures against a total of 1718 Russian individuals and 419 entities. Among Russians banned from entering the EU and subject to other restrictions are Russian President Vladimir Putin, Russian Minister for Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov, and former President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych.


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