Elvish Yadav Video: This is who I am, I have no regrets, Elvish Yadav's statement after the beating | Elvish Yadav reaction on Jaipur viral Video to beat a person know full details in punjabi Punjabi news


Photo Credit: Elvish Yadav

Elvish Yadav: Elvish Yadav who won Bigg Boss OTT 2 has been embroiled in controversies. A video of him went viral on social media, in which he is seen slapping a man in a restaurant in Jaipur. As soon as this video of Elvis came out, it went viral. Many people are starting to question his behavior. Now Alvish Yadav's response to this slap incident has come out.

An audio note of Elvish has been released by Elvish Army (fan account), a fan page of Elvish Yadav on X (formerly Twitter). In this Elvish is seen giving an explanation on this matter. He is also saying that he has no regrets for what he has done.

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Elvish cleaning

In the audio note, Elvish has said, “Brother, look, the thing is that I neither like to fight nor raise my hands. I think about my work. I walk casually and whoever asks for a photo, we easily get them clicked. But whoever comments from behind, abuses mother or sister, we do not spare him either.”

Elvish Yadav is seen in a restaurant in the viral video. A lot of crowd is seen in the restaurant. Many people are also seen near the table. It is seen in the video that Elvish slapped the person in front of all the people. After being slapped they come back and are seen looking back at the person. But his friends stop him. However, the audio note that has surfaced is on a fan page, so it has not been confirmed whether anything has been said on the matter.