Domestic consumers relieved by LPG prices, but suffered a major setback


From next month, i.e. from October 1, many rules related to the bank will change daily. The impact of these changes will be particularly significant on the lives of ordinary people.

The rules that will change next month are check books, auto debit payments, the price of LPG cylinders and the pension rules of many banks. Let’s see what is going to change. Petroleum companies on October 1 Domestic LPG rates are issued. LPG cylinders have gone up by about Rs 36 from today. It is a matter of relief that this increase has taken place in a 19 kg commercial cylinder. The price of a non-subsidized domestic LPG cylinder in Delhi is still Rs 884.50.

changes in gas
changes in gas

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) had directed all food vendors to register by October 1. From today, it is mandatory for food and beverage vendors to write the FSSAI registration number on the bill of lading. Now from the shop to the restaurant, the display has to tell what food and drink they are using. If the customer does not provide the FSSAI registration number on the bill, action will be taken against the shopkeeper, who is liable to imprisonment.

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