DGP Gaurav Yadav appeared in the High Court of Punjab, know the appearance in which case


N. D. P. S. Due to the delay in the investigation of the cases, after the notice of the Punjab and Haryana High Court, D. of Punjab. G. P. And the Home Secretary appeared in court. S. of Sri Muktsar Sahib with them. P. Also appeared in court. They were ordered to appear in person and answer the court’s questions.

All of them have been ordered by the High Court to file their answer in the affidavit on Friday. N. D. P. S. In one of the cases, the said action has been taken regarding the investigation of a young man who has been in jail for a long time. The youth says that he has been in jail for a long time but the police investigation is not progressing.

About 24 officials were made witnesses in this case but only one testimony has been given so far. Due to this, the trial is getting delayed. The High Court had said that the youth is being ruined due to the drug business, but the police is not investigating such cases properly.


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