CPO and palmolin oil also softened due to a sharp decline in soybeans


Amid a bearish trend overseas, soybean oilseeds, CPO and palm oil fell sharply in the Delhi Oilseeds market on Monday, while peanuts (oilseeds) recovered on increased demand from the DOC. Peanut Gujarat, on the other hand And peanut solvent refined closed at the previous level.

CPO and palmolin oil
CPO and palmolin oil

Traders said that due to shortage of better soybean foodgrains, some oil plants in Madhya Pradesh have reduced the discount on tainted goods from 25 per cent to 6.25 per cent, which was earlier 12.5 per cent locally due to shortage of good foodgrains. Was going Done. This has led to a sharp fall in the price of soybean oil and oilseeds. The fall in soybeans and the softening trend abroad also affected the prices of other oilseeds and their prices closed with losses. He said the Malaysian exchange was down six per cent, while the Chicago exchange was up 0.1 per cent.

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