Confirmed: Kangana Ranaut is in a relationship, not related to a married person – wait for the right time. Kangna Ranaut confirmed her relationship said she will reveal it on suitable time know full detail in Punjabi Punjabi news


Kangana Ranaut is not single. He has revealed that he is in a relationship with someone. She had to reveal this because media reports were claiming that she was dating Ease My Trip co-founder Nishant Pitti. In fact, a picture of Kangana Ranaut and Nishant Pitti has come out during the Ram Mandir Pran Pratishtha program. Kangana and Nishant are seen smiling in the picture. As soon as this picture came out, the rumor market got heated.

Before things escalated further, Kangana Ranaut shared a screenshot of a news article on her Instagram story and dismissed the dating news. The matter did not end here. Meanwhile, Kangana also told that she is dating someone. Although he did not mention the name of the person, he said that the right time should be waited for.

Kangana Ranaut wrote, I humbly request the media not to spread wrong information. Nishant Pittiji is married and I am dating someone else. Wait for the right time. Please don't embarrass us.” Meanwhile, Kangana said that it is not right that whenever a young woman is seen with a new person, her name should be added. That too only because they have a picture together. Please, do not do that.

Recently the name of the person was connected

Recently, Kangana Ranaut was seen holding hands with a man outside a salon in Mumbai. After this, his name started to be associated with that mysterious person. Kangana Ranaut also gave a statement on this matter on social media. Condemning the rumours, he had said that the person with whom his pictures went viral was his hair stylist.

It is worth mentioning that Kangana Ranaut's name has been associated with many people in the film industry. Kangana Ranaut has dated stars like Aditya Pancholi, Adhyaan Suman and Hrithik Roshan. However, he has also had a big controversy with all these stars. Apart from these, according to the news, his name has also been linked with British actor Nicholas Lafferty and allegedly Ajay Devgan.