CCL 2024: Be it Sports or Art…Passion is very important for everything, Punjabi singer Ninja in exclusive conversation with TV9 Punjabi | CCL 2024 Punjab de sher team player & singer ninja exclusive interview with tv9punjabi see full detail in punjabi Punjabi news


TV9 Punjabi special interview with Punjabi singer Ninja

Along with all the players, Punjab's famous singer Ninja was also present on the field. TV9 Punjabi had a special conversation with him about the match. During this particular conversation, he said that such tournaments prove to be very important in the hectic life. He said that whether it is art or sport. It is very important to be passionate about everything. Unless you do something with heart, you can never succeed in it.

He said that how much you value or love something depends on your thinking. In the village they come from, sports are given a lot of priority. But after becoming an artist, there is very little time for sports. In this case, such events fill life with new energy. During this particular conversation, Ninja also gave information about his upcoming projects.

It is worth mentioning that the Celebrity Cricket League (CCL) 2024 is a famous tournament played by the celebrities of the film industry, for which a lot of enthusiasm can be seen among the common people along with the film world. CCL 2024 will start from 25 February and end on 17 March 2024. Let it be known that TV9 is sponsoring the Punjab Lions team of CCL 2024 this time. So we will keep giving you every interesting news related to this celebrity match.