Canada removed 42 diplomats from India, Modi government gave an ultimatum

India Canada Visa Services: Amid the tension Canada (Canada) Aspirants may face difficulties in visa related services in coming days. Canada has banned consular services in India’s Chandigarh, Mumbai and Karnataka due to a diplomatic dispute with India. Canada has recalled 41 of its diplomats from India amid ongoing tension between India and Canada over the Hardeep Singh Nijhar murder case.

Due to this, visa services for Canada have been stopped from cities like Chandigarh, Mumbai, Bangalore, which means that now the people of these cities will have to come to Delhi to go to Canada. This has given the biggest shock to the people of Punjab, whose children or parents want to go to Canada, they will have to go to Delhi for the visa process.

On Thursday, Canada’s Foreign Minister Melania Jolie said that 41 of the 62 Canadian diplomats in India have been removed, although 21 Canadian diplomats will remain in India. Jolly said that this decision has been taken considering the risk of losing their diplomatic immunity. After the Indian government’s ultimatum, Canada has finally recalled its 41 diplomats. Along with these diplomats, 42 members of their families living in India have also returned.

Let me tell you that PM Justin Trudeau (PM Justin Trudeau) The tension between India and Canada increased significantly after the allegations of After this, India has given an ultimatum to 41 Canadian diplomats to leave the country. For this, the Government of India has given them time till October 10. However, Canada is not doing this work in the stipulated time. So far, the Canadian Foreign Minister has announced the expulsion of 41 diplomats from India.

What did the Indian Ministry of External Affairs say?

Let us tell you that in India 62 Canadian diplomat (Canadian diplomat) live 41 of them have been removed. After this, the remaining 21 Canadian diplomats will remain in India. The Indian Ministry of External Affairs had clearly said that there are many Canadian diplomats in India who interfere in the internal affairs of the country, so they have been asked to leave the country as soon as possible.

The tension was increased due to PM Trudeau’s statement

A statement by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has increased the tension between India and Canada. The Canadian PM said on September 18 that India is involved in the murder of Khalistani supporter Hardeep Singh Nijhar. India denied this accusation of Trudeau. India described Trudeau’s allegations as absurd and politically motivated. After this, Canada expelled the Indian diplomat. After this, India also asked the Canadian diplomat to leave the country.

After India’s strictness, Canada’s attitude became soft

After this statement of Trudeau, the tension between the two countries has increased. Relations between India and Canada have soured. After the strictness of India, the Canadian PM’s attitude has gradually started to soften. On several occasions, Trudeau has said that he has sought cooperation from India in the investigation. India also said that if Canada presents any concrete evidence in this regard, then India is ready to consider it.

What is the whole matter?

Let us tell you that Sikh separatist leader Hardeep Singh Nijhar was shot and killed outside a gurdwara in Canada on June 18 this year. On September 18, Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau held India responsible for Nijhar’s murder. After this, the Indian diplomat in Canada has been expelled. In return, India also retaliated. From here this controversy took full force.