Big revelation: Two smugglers from Punjab reached Pakistan by swimming 30 km river, stayed for two days, returned with 50 kg of heroin – Punjabi news | Two smugglers reached Pakistan by swimming 30 km river, brought 50 kg of heroin, Know full details in punjabi

Punjab News Two smugglers of Punjab swam 30 km in the Ravi river after giving a bribe of 5 lakh rupees Pakistan (Pakistan) reached After staying across the border for two days, he returned to India via Ravi with 50 kg of heroin. Despite all the claims of strict surveillance on the border, no one has even noticed it. This revelation of smuggler Joga Singh, who was caught with a consignment of heroin, has raised many questions on border security.

8 kg in Jalandhar on August 17 heroin (Heroin) Joga Singh of Ludhiana, who was caught along with him, told during interrogation that his brother-in-law Shindar, a resident of Tendianwala, Ferozepur, sells drugs. He introduced Joga Singh to Kala Singh and Rangi. Kala Singh lured Joga Singh that if he would bring heroin from Pakistan with Rangi, he would be given 5 lakh rupees.

Went to Pakistan on the night of July 30

On 30 July 2023, Joga Singh and Rangi prepared to go to Pakistan. Both near Sultan village around 10 o’clock at night Ravi River (Ravi River) landed in Both of them had filled an empty five-liter container with them, so that they would not drown in the Ravi. Joga Singh and Rangi floated in the river all night and reached Pakistan by 4 am the next morning after covering a distance of about 30 km. The body was quite numb due to being in the water. At four o’clock in the morning of July 31, three men pulled him out of the river by pointing a torchlight.

Spent two days in the corn field

Joga Singh said that all three took him to the Kacha house. There the clothes were exchanged and Rangi was discussed with Kala Singh in India. Breakfast was served at seven o’clock and later they were told that someone could come here, so they took us to the corn field. The Pakistani smugglers left there in the evening after giving them food and water. On August 1, at eight in the morning, the smugglers came again to serve breakfast.

Joga Singh made big revelations in the interrogation

According to sources, Joga Singh told during interrogation that he was given food on August 1 at 10 pm and was taken to the river bank after walking for two kilometers in the paddy fields. Meanwhile, no Pakistani ranger was seen on the way. Another smuggler was found near the river, who had two sacks. One sack was filled with 22 packets of heroin. It was tightly wrapped in a tarpaulin and tied to Joga Singh’s arm. Similarly, Rangi tied a bag containing 25 packets.

This is how heroin was brought to Punjab

From there the flow of water was very fast towards India. At 12 o’clock in the night they were thrown into the river saying that the flow of water would take them only to Tendiwal village. In four hours we reached the village of Tendiwal, where Kala Singh stood to welcome us. After disposing of the heroin, Joga Singh and Rangi returned to their village Tendiwal at eight o’clock.

The brother-in-law had a meeting with the smugglers

Joga Singh is a resident of Ladowal, Ludhiana. In 2005, after studying up to seventh standard, he started farming and also started distilling liquor on the banks of the Sutlej. In 2021, the police caught him naked. In July 2023, after a fight with the family, sister Kaura Bai moved to her wife Shinder Singh of Tendiwal (Firozepur).

Joga Singh was caught supplying

SSP Jalandhar Dehat said that Joga Singh had come to Guraya to deliver the consignment of drugs. The police got wind of it. The police had set up a blockade in Dhuleta village of Guraya. As soon as Joga Singh arrived on a motorcycle to deliver the consignment of drugs, he was caught by the police. Joga was carrying eight kilos of heroin in a bag on a motorcycle.

Two smugglers are still absconding

During the investigation, it has come to light that the accused Rangi and Mastagi have about 6.5 kg of heroin and the police teams are conducting a raid to catch the two drug smugglers.

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