Bad news for bank account holders, ATM charges will increase from January 1, GST will also be charged

Banking services are going to become more expensive for customers from the new year. From January 1, there will be a higher fee for ATM withdrawals. The RBI had earlier in June allowed banks to raise fees beyond the free limit, effective from the new year.

GST will also be charged: According to the RBI, every month for bank customers. T. M. Set a free limit for withdrawals and other services. Banks charge a fee for using ATM services in excess of the prescribed free limit. Now a. T.M. It costs Rs 20 per withdrawal from the bank, which will be reduced to Rs 21 from January 1. Yes on this. S. T. Also. Have to pay R. B. I. It had said that with the increase in costs on most interchange fees, banks would be required to pay Rs. T. M. Fees are allowed to increase. Now Axis, h. D. F. Was. Other public and private banks will have to pay higher fees for withdrawals.

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New rules for interchange fees, effective August 1:

In addition, the Reserve Bank of India T. M. The revised rates of interchangeable fees have been implemented since August. Banks now have to pay an interchange fee of Rs 17 instead of Rs 15 for each transaction. This fee is now applicable for financial transactions whereas for non-financial transactions the interchange fee has gone up to Rs. 6 which was earlier Rs. The interchange fee means that the bank offers its customers another bank’s A.I. T. M. Facilitates the use of T. M. The bank has to pay a fee. Banks reimburse this fee from their customers.

8 free transactions per month:

Banks still offer discounts of 8 free transactions per month. This includes both financial and non-financial. The bank in which the customer has an account, his a. T. M. There are 5 free transactions per month from. In addition, other banks in metro cities have A.D. T. M. To 4 or more non-metro cities in non-metro cities. T. M. You can also make up to 5 free transactions.

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