Arun Govil played the character of Ram on TV, the magazine gave him a big offer for a hot photoshoot, he took this decision. Arun Govil played the role of Ram on TV the magazine gave him a big offer for a hot photoshoot he took this decision Punjabi news


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Arun Govil gained immense popularity in every household with Ramanand Sagar's Ramayana. After playing the role of Ram, people started worshiping him as if he was the real Lord Ram. Doing this religious show became the biggest gift of his life. It is said that when the Ramayana began, people used to sit with incense sticks. In many interviews, Arun Govil has shared that he also got a huge offer for a hot photo shoot for a magazine. Let's know what step they took on this.

Even after 36 years of the release of Ramanand Sagar's Ramayana, no one could forget that Ramayana. On a show, Arun Govil revealed that the cast of Ramayana was offered a huge amount by a magazine for a hot photoshoot, which they turned down. According to media reports, Arun Govil had told that when he was shooting for Ramayan, many magazines had contacted him for a hot photo shoot. He was so desperate for this that he was ready to pay a huge amount to get this photo shoot done.

Hot photo shoot offer

However, the entire cast of Ramayana, including Arun Govil, had flatly refused for this hot photo shoot. Also let us tell you that Arun Govil was not Ramanand Sagar's first choice for Ramayana. When he auditioned, he was rejected the first time. He also mentioned this incident during a TV show. He had told that he had done a photo shoot with Ram's look, but in that he did not look like Ram. After this she added a smile to her look and it worked.

Did not want to break the trust of the audience

Arun Govil had said, 'None of the entire star cast of Ramayana accepted this offer because we felt that if the audience saw it, they would lose faith in us. He did not want to break the trust of the audience for a few bucks. Let us tell you that he also had a bad habit of smoking cigarettes, but due to the trust of the people, he had to give up this bad habit. However, he has also thanked the audience for this.