Another blow to Punjab government employees


The local bodies department has been giving big shocks to the employees one after another during the last few times. Under this, it has been decided not to give any benefit to the employees taking extra charge. In this regard, the order from the head office to the commissioners of all municipal corporations of Punjab, A. D. C. Chairman of Urban Development, Nagar Improvement Trust and Municipal Committees. Oz has been released.

According to this, the employees related to the additional charge given at the government or local level will have to give an affidavit that they will not claim any financial benefit in return. Apart from this, the employees will not get any benefit of seniority list or additional charge as experience during promotion. In this matter, the report is pending for the last 3 months, for which the government has given a 3-day moratorium. After this, action can be taken to withdraw the additional charge on the employees who do not give the affidavit.

One of the cases related to giving extra charge to the employees by the local bodies department is that many employees in the municipal corporation are also working illegally because the government has given instructions not to give extra charge to any employee without approval. There are, but many clerks in the property tax and market branch of the municipal corporation are illegally working as inspectors.

Apart from this, S. E. Ranjit Singh M. T. P. Government approval was not taken before giving the charge. On the other hand, the local bodies department is also preparing to take action against the officials with fake degrees and certificates.


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