Announcement of 160 permanent positions in Penitentiaries


On the occasion of the recent publication of the Announcement (6K/2023), with number F.E.K 54 – 29/12/2023, regarding the filling in order of priority of 160 permanent staff positions in University, Technological, Secondary and Compulsory Education, part of which will be absorbed by the Penitentiaries of the country, in accordance with article 28 of Law 4765/2021, the Deputy Minister of Citizen Protection, Mr. Andreas Nikolakopoulos, made the following statement:

“With the filling of 126 permanent University, Technological, and Secondary Education staff positions, in the Penitentiaries and other services of the Ministry, another key commitment of the Government of the New Republic and Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis is implemented.

We are reforming the Penitentiary Charter and contributing even more to the extremely critical and difficult work that staff are already doing in prisons across the country. Executives of higher – and not only – education, will be charged in the coming months with specific responsibilities, in front of the goal we have set as the leadership of the Ministry of Citizen Protection, to improve working conditions and, by extension, detention, in prisons. Because only when we improve the working and service environment in prisons, we will be able to be proud that real imprisonment leads to proper social reintegration”.


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